Artist Statement


Catherine (Cate) Yoder
Artist Statement

Making jewelry unleashes my creativity and brings me joy. It’s a way to express my inner voice, and to create lasting objects that bring joy to others.

I took my first jewelry workshop during a visit to was to Santa Fe in 2004, and knew immediately it was the means to unleash my creativity. The tools felt natural in my hands;  I was intrigued how metal was so durable, yet malleable. Since my visit to Santa Fe I’ve lived in many places, taking classes at every opportunity in Chicago, Honolulu, New Zealand. And now, I find myself back in Santa Fe where I am continuously inspired by the beauty of the land and people.

Mixed metal and hollow form construction are techniques I am drawn to. The sculptural, 3D aspect that hollow form enables opens a world of possibilities in jewelry design. Most recently I have been making “boatswain” whistles using these techniques. Cuttlefish casting, an ancient jewelry making technique is also one of my specialties.

Jewelry making is my passion and it brings me joy to share this with others.

Catherine Yoder